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Tips on choosing the right contractor

Tips On Choosing The Right Contractor

From foundation to finish, how do you determine which contractor can build what you envision and that it’s up to code?

The first step, is to determine what you need built. Let’s say, for the sake of this article, that it’s a Garage.

You’ve already determined the size of your garage, usage, and between attached/detached. Your next step is contacting a general contractor in your area.

Here in Kapuskasing, Ward Inc. has a reputation for excellent workmanship. So for this example, let’s say that you meet with contractors at Ward Inc. for estimates and further discussion on the construction of your garage.

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Here, the contractors at Ward Inc. will answer your questions, and in a manner that puts you at ease. It’s crucial that you two communicate well, because this person will be on your property for hours at a time. Furthermore, before you finally proceed with hiring a contractor, make sure that you get the project estimates and work schedule to avoid any confusion during the project.

Being that Ward Inc. has such a pristine reputation, they’re licensed and provide the advantage as builders with access to the latest industry techniques and product information, you can move forward with your list of requirements for the construction of your garage.

In this part of the process, be as specific as possible. Clearly outline your needs and requirements, because the more specific and detailed your requirements are, the better Ward Inc. can build your vision within your budget.

The next thing you want to ensure is that you can provide each contractor with a set of blueprints. A copy of the material list from the designer of the plan will be handy too, if available. Also, provide a list of materials you want for your new garage, including things like siding or brick, doors, windows, insulation, and roofing. Include colors, model numbers, name brands and sizes. Don’t forget about information for appliances and fixtures you have selected.

Remember, the more specific information and details you supply, the more accurate bids you’ll receive from potential general contractors. Once you’ve settled on your price, and determined the contract…let’s go and get your garage built.

Choosing a general contractor is no simple task, but if you take the time and put forth the effort to hire the right professional for the job, you will surely see your efforts pay off when your garage (or project) is finished.

Contact Ward Inc. in Kapuskasing to determine the needs or your next project, receive in-depth answers to your questions, and more tips on how to choose a contractor at
Ward Inc, 162 Brunelle Road South. Kapuskasing, ON, Canada (705) 335-2056

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