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Back to School Safety Reminder

With kids going back to school, the Temiskaming Detachment of the OPP is reminding drivers there will be an increase in the number of buses on the road.

Ontario law states that a driver travelling in either direction must stop for school buses that have their upper lights flashing and must leave enough room for passengers to safely cross the road. These laws apply to all highways, city streets and country roads.

With the increase in buses, it may be necessary to leave for work earlier as this may slow down your daily commute. While it’s important for drivers to pay attention to the road, students travelling to school need to pay attention too. The OPP has released some safety tips for your trip to and from school.

  • Never run to the bus or away from it.
  • When the bus arrives, wait until it has come to a complete stop. The stop arm will be out and the red lights will be flashing.
  • If you drop something near the bus, don’t pick it up. Tell the driver or another adult.
  • Always walk on a sidewalk if available, if there is no sidewalk you should walk on the shoulder of the road and walk facing traffic.
  • When crossing the road use locations that have a crossing guard or a signalling device such as a traffic light, or stop sign.
  • If you are riding your bicycle you must obey all traffic laws. This includes stop signs, traffic lights, riding with traffic and obeying crossing guards.

Being inattentive can change lives forever. With these safety tips the OPP is hoping to make this school season the safest one yet.

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