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Moose on the road: You can’t avoid driving into what you can’t see

As we move into the season when the incidence of moose on shoulders and roadways jumps, OPP Const. Kyler Brouwer offers advice on not hitting one.

The highest risk comes at dusk and dawn, with the time in between, the next highest.

Const. Brouwer says to use your high beams, except, of course, when there’s oncoming traffic.

“Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t drive distracted, don’t drive impaired,” he advises. “The more care and attention you can give to the road, the better chances you are to be able to avoid something like that.”

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Another tip: keep your speed under control.

“Your risk of injury if you do hit one is much greater, the higher speed you go. So obeying the speed limit is very important.”

Brouwer adds that should you hit a moose, your seatbelt is very important to minimizing your risk of being hurt.


  • not speeding
  • using high beams when possible (low beams for oncoming traffic)
  • keep your eyes on the road, scanning for wildlife
  • no distractions (cell phones) or driving impaired or fatigued
  • if you have the choice – avoid driving the highway higher risk times – dusk and dawn
  • wear your seatbelt
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