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Hearst Recreation Department using new online app to book ice at Claude Larose Arena

The Hearst Recreation Department has a new online app to help book ice time at the Claude Larose Arena. Rental Coordinator Jean-Michel Vachon says the bilingual software was rolled out in early fall and makes it easy for everyone to check out availability for both ice surfaces.

“With a few clicks of a button people can create their own Amilia account save and rent out certain blocks of ice time say it’s an hour,” he said. “They can go up to two hours. People can book three weeks in advance as well which is something a lot of people have been looking forward too.”

Claude Larose Arena in Hearst. Photo supplied by Denis J. Puska, Vista Radio Staff.

Vachon says the new app will also be added to the Stephane Lecours swimming pool once its opened after renovations.

Vachon adds the Department still hasn’t realized the full potential of the software, and it could help them get more people at the pool and the arena.

“That is one thing that we saw when we started planning to change software is that not a lot of people knew exactly what kind of activities we’re offering,” he said. “Let’s say for the pool depending on time and day what aqua fitness classes are available or are they even allowed to come in.”

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