One of them is to restrict eating candy until after a meal.  That’s for two reasons.

“One: If you’re full after your meal, you probably won’t eat as much candy as if you atE it on an empty stomach,” Dr. Visconti tells us. “And number 2, when we eat a meal, we tend to produce more saliva.  So the salivary flow is going and it’ll wash away those sugars and acids.”

Dr. LouAnn Visconti
(Photo submitted)

Visconti also advises you to drink water.  It is sugar-free and washes away the sugars and acids that cause cavities.

Also near the top of her list is to drink water.

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“It doesn’t have sugar in it.  It’s a better alternative than pop and some fruit juices.  But it also washes away the sugar and acid from these treats. So it’s always good to drink water.”

Naturally, Dr. Visconti recommends brushing your teeth, but not until half an hour after you eat anything.  Your tooth enamel softens up during eating, and takes about 30 minutes to harden again.