Just a bit more than a week before Halloween, and the Ontario Dental Association is out with its list of “Halloween Candy Horrors”.

Timmins dentist and orthodontist Doctor LouAnn Visconti is past-president of the ODA.

She says there are different categories of how bad treats are for your teeth.

“Good news for chocolate lovers.  You can rejoice,” she announces. “Chocolate is actually one of the better snacks and that’s because it dissolves quickly and it gets washed away quickly.”

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The worst is any hard candy.

“If you suck on them, then the sugar is bathing your teeth,” Visconti explains. “If you bite into them, you could break your teeth, especially if they’re jaw breakers or something really hard.”

Visconti goes on to say that true to its name,a jaw breaker can make your jaw muscles sore… leading to headaches.

The orthodontist also says hard candy can break your braces.