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Your Home’s Unsung Heroes

In every home there are unsung heroes, still doing their jobs even when they aren’t at their best. Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, and plumbing are the most important things in making you comfortable in your own home. G T Plumbing and heating are professionals in all things Heating/cooling, ventilation and plumbing. There are many reasons to make sure everything in your home is running the best it possibly can.


Hot weather can be worse than the coldest. Come high noon on a cloudless summer day, you might be melting into your chair cursing the fact you can’t take off any more layers. That’s when a call to G T Plumbing and heating could save you a lot of stress.

G T Plumbing and heating is well versed in Air conditioner installation and maintenance. They will have some of their highly trained technicians install and set up your air conditioner so that you can start cooling off at an unprecedented rate. Than any time you need some maintenance you’ll know exactly who to depend on!


Staying warm on a cold night used to be all about stocking the fire place with enough logs. Now you have a furnace to do the job. Furnaces need to be maintained so they run as efficiently as possible. If you haven’t had your furnace cleaned than you may be throwing away money. Clean running furnaces don’t need to work as hard to keep your home warm, thus using less energy and saving you some moolah when the bills come in. The best times to do this is at the beginning and end of winter, since that’s when furnaces get used the most.

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GT Plumbing and Heating also installs Hot Water tanks, so you can have the most luxurious bath or showers you’ve ever had. Being that they are Plumbing Experts, G T Plumbing knows all the tricks of the trade. You can expect the same professional installation G T Plumbing and heating is known for.


Does your shower feel like a bath by the end, because of all the water that pools? That means your drains need to be cleaned. You don’t want to spend the time getting down there and pulling out the stuff that’s doing the clogging. G T Plumbing and Heating can clear out a drain like magic, and make all your clogs disappear. 

AND So Much More

You couldn’t be blamed for thinking G T Plumbing and Heating is limited to Plumbing and HVAC systems. They have so much more in store just waiting for you. No surprise they have plenty of plumbing hardware like A B S, Copper, Black Iron and Galvanized supplies, but in their quest to be a full service shop they also carry Kitchen and Bathroom faucets. As well as Tubs and Showers.

What is surprising is that you can head to G T Plumbing and Heating’s store and find a range of Napoleon Barbecues, propane fittings and hoses. Think about the conversation starter at your next backyard get together when you tell people you got your BBQ from the heating and plumbing experts at G T Plumbing!

Don’t let the unsung heroes of comfort go without the tender love and care they deserve. Call or visit G T plumbing today and find out how much they can do for you. Keeping you cool on a hot day, warm on a cold night, and your water flowing is just the start. With 24/7 service once you’ve gone G T Plumbing you don’t go back!

GT Plumbing & Heating

Phone: 705-335-3243


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